Own Your Skin presents BEST BUYS from Sh’Zen and Justine January 2017

There is no better time to get your skin back into perfect condition after the gruelling Summer sun, days spent on the beach or glamping along a river. Our Summer Sun wreaks havoc on our skins.

Now is the time to treat and pamper it for all it has endured while you were having Fun in the Sun 🙂

60 ml tissue oil for R62. Improves the look of your scars and stretch marks.The tissue oil cleansing bar is only R45 when you buy the tissue oil


Follow up with the silky, lightweight softening body butter which will deep nourish and condition your skin. Contains Vitamin E, perfect for healing.

If you prefer to use a cream formula for your stretch marks, then the Stretch Mark Cream is ideal for you.


For mature skins, the A-Firm Time Reversal range is perfect for you. The serum is my personal favourite and one little dot spreads over your entire face. I love the lightweight formula of the serum as well which simply soaks into your skin and softens the fine lines and wrinkles. It also tightens the skin and dramatically reduces the look of age spots.


The Fortigrain Range is great if you’re looking to revitalise dull skin. The Revitalising Solution improves the firmness and texture of your skin in just 7 days. The Fortigrain Facial Scrub is a gorgeous exfoliator to remove the dead skin that makes your face look so dull. Use this for instant results!


Sh’Zen’s Phytoexquisite Range: Day Cream with SPF 30 and Night Cream nourishes and protects your skin to maintain a youthful radiance



The New Year is the perfect time to restart on your weightloss programme which includes a Detox Formula and Cellulite Treatments from Sh’Zen


More natural remedies from Sh’zen which includes assistance with bloatedness, indigestion, cellulite control, hair loss, swollen feet and weight loss



The Miracle Healing Helper fro Sh’Zen provides head to toe nourishment for your skin. It contains calendula, shea butter and almond oil. This product is one of Sh’Zen’s Best Sellers


Hydrobalance Skin Range for Dry Skin which restores the dry skin to its natural moisture levels


The Luminessence Range lives up to its name by brightening your skin, evening out your skin tone and adding a beautiful radiance.


Just as you are probably detoxing your body after all the holiday feasting, so does your skin benefit from detoxing as well. Justine’s Treatment Range offers a Detox Treatment Cream and the Special Treatment Cream. I love the make remover as well because it removes the cosmetics gently and quickly. It even removes the stayfast lipsticks! Yes, I’ve even used it on my lips.


The liptints are lovely if you’re going for a hint of colour to accentuate your gorgeous tan. It is quite a natural looking tint. The lip pencils are fantastic and are retractable so you don’t have the hassle of having to sharpen the pencil. I also use the liner to double up as colour and the brush is great for application.


I enjoy using this mascara because it doesn’t clump your eye-lashes and goes on evenly and smoothly without any flakiness.


If you haven’t used a Primer to prepare your skin before applying your foundations or concealers, then Justine’s Luxe Primer is a perfect way to start. A good primer is a must have for that flawless, poreless glow. If your skin is in magnificent condition, you can simply apply the primer and some blush or bronzer and you’re ready to go.


Gorgeous pops of colour for your beautiful hands. A touch of elegance and sophistication


Create eyes to envy with Sh’Zen Triple Volume Mascara and Eyeliner


If you have neglected your hands over the season, then invest in Justine’s Honey Herbal Range for your hands. Treat your hands. They work so hard for you!


And the same goes for your feet. I’ve always been embarrassed about dry heels when I wear my strappy stilletos but WOW! I’ve started using Justine’s Pedi Perfect Range and the results are instant!


Sh’Zen is renowned for its Foot products which soothe and reduce swelling. The gorgeous Foot Spritzer is on special this month as well as the Foot Spa additive


Amazing hair treatment from Sh’Zen which contains Argan Oil or “liquid gold” to restore hair strength and shine


And Bae needs some pampering too and this is a lovely way to spoil him and you’ll love the fresh just showered fragrance



And for Baby too!


For the entire Familia


If you struggle with Oily Skin, then the Justine Oil Control Range is just the range for you


and NEW from Justine is the very first Tissue Oil Skin Repair Face Cream with SPF 20

This cream mattifies and moisturises so that you’re not left with that oily residue feel on your skin


Hydrating Range


Perfecting Range to brighten skin and helps prevent dark spots


Balancing Range for Combination Skin


Once you’ve used this lip balm you just won’t want to use anything else. The very popular Tissue Oil with Rosehip is also on special – buy ONE get ONE FREE. This tissue oil is popular because it reduces facial redness, repairs past damage and prevents premature skin ageing


If you missed out on the Christmas Special, the offer is back but with 3 instead of 4 products. A fantastic deal!


Pure understated sophistication and so well thought out in terms of the kind of storage a woman wants


If I could call this treatment something I would call it The Hallelujah Tissue Oil. OMG! This WORKS!!! If your skin is important to you and you want to maintain it, then look no further!



Contact me at darlene.vandieman@gmail.com to place your orders or if you have any queries about the products.


Muizenberg and Southern Suburbs, Cape Town




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