Own Your Skin presents BEST BUYS from Sh’Zen and Justine January 2017

Own Your Skin presents Best Buys from Sh’Zen and Justine for January 2017

Own Your Skin

There is no better time to get your skin back into perfect condition after the gruelling Summer sun, days spent on the beach or glamping along a river. Our Summer Sun wreaks havoc on our skins.

Now is the time to treat and pamper it for all it has endured while you were having Fun in the Sun 🙂

60 ml tissue oil for R62. Improves the look of your scars and stretch marks.The tissue oil cleansing bar is only R45 when you buy the tissue oil


Follow up with the silky, lightweight softening body butter which will deep nourish and condition your skin. Contains Vitamin E, perfect for healing.

If you prefer to use a cream formula for your stretch marks, then the Stretch Mark Cream is ideal for you.


For mature skins, the A-Firm Time Reversal range is perfect for you. The serum is my personal favourite and…

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